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Olive Orchard Investment

Olive Orchard Investment

  • 16.06% IRR - Cash on Cash Return (excludes return on tax savings)

  • Highly desirable ± 354 acre olive ranches

  • Purchase price below replacement value

  • Excellent source for tax write-offs year 1

  • Investment includes two (2) separate farms diversifying risk

  • Demand for California Extra Virgin Olive Oil continues to grow at an accelerated pace throughout the USA and Internationally

  • Consumption of olive oil and olive byproducts are increasing in demand globally

  • The United States offers the greatest room for market growth with approximately five percent (5%) of the US consumption coming from domestic orchards and 95% imported from overseas (California is the largest domestic producer)

  • Agriculture is an effective hedge against inflation

Kay Taylor Luxury Salon Suites

Kay Taylor Luxury Salon Suites

  • Conservative rents (below market) producing a target high yield of 15.75% + with room upward growth.

  • Your investment is limited to your capital contribution only. No additional capital investment of debt requirement.

  • Calturas Capital will contribute capital, personally guarantee debt, and provide 100% operational management.

  • Reliable consistent cash flow. Salon Suites experience higher occupancy rates than apartments and self-storage facilities at less than 7% vacancy.

  • Test trial in existing spaces produced seven (7) tenants with an additional ten (10) service providers waiting for sign up.

  • Groundbreaking by September 2021

  • Preleasing Marketing Campaign will commence November 2021.

  • Expect 100% lease-up by March 2022.

  • Proven investment model across the continental United States (Google salon suites in California and across the country)

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