Our People


Born and raised in Lodi, the middle child of immigrant farm workers, Xavier grew up working the fields of the Lodi region. At a young age he learned a strong work ethic and a hunger to provide for others and make a difference. He made his first sales commission on a yacht sale as a teenager at Tower Park Marina and was hooked on business from that point forward. Xavier attended San Diego State and graduated with a BA from Sacramento State before commencing his profession in commercial real estate nearly 20 years ago.

Xavier’s foundation to his role as Founder and CEO of Calturas is rooted in his desire to give back to his family and community and his intense passion and drive in business to turn dreams into reality. He is the owner, founder and CEO of Northgate Commercial Real Estate, which performs real estate transactions across the country and is currently expanding offices. Xavier is an entrepreneur by spirit. Xavier has a natural ability to recognize business opportunities and a vision for successful ventures. He by nature is a networker learning the success stories of others and mentoring to those eager to learn. He has been the true visionary to ensure Calturas would transform from an idea, into a reality.


Chris grew up in north Stockton, while attending Lodi schools, where she met Xavier in 1991. Chris graduated from Sonoma State University in 1996 and subsequently received her bilingual teaching credential in 1998 from San Diego State University.

Together they are a relentless team. Chris is focused and tenacious when setting her goals. Xavier attributes her passion, persistence and support as the fundamental to his own success.

Chris left teaching in 1997 to join Xavier in opening up his own commercial real estate office. Chris is the Co-founder and CFO of Northgate Commercial and has built a successful real estate career. She has partnered with Xavier in his business ventures from M2 Winery, Rita’s Custard and managing their real estate assets. Chris brings to Calturas a commitment, drive, determination and critical business partnership which has been instrumental in the success of their business endeavors to date.