California Culture

What does it mean to celebrate California Culture?

For hundreds of years, California has been host to a colorful and diverse culture. California, with its Spanish, Mexican, Asian and Eastern United States cultural roots, is a melting pot that joins together cuisines, languages and traditions from every corner of the globe.

Northern California is blessed with a mediterranean climate, which means not only is it rich in produce and agriculture, but the people who visit and live here appreciate the land and nature. Food and beverages often are the grease that oils conversations and friendships, and many a long evening is spent playing bocce or cards outside on a patio or by a fire.

This love of family, friendship, nature and simplistic luxury, free from noise, cities and commercialism, is what lies at the heart of Northern California agricultural communities. We are pleased to offer a place that celebrates this tradition and provides a place for families and friends to join together and enjoy where we call home.